We all can ‘gerrit’; come get the necessary!


The testing booth is a 3-sided structure made of shutter proof poly-carbonate plastic.

A medical provider steps inside of it, without having to don other PPE, places their hands into already fitted large rubber gloves and through the covered potholes, collects a specimen from a patient who could be either standing or seated.

The testing booth presents with it several benefits especially in the wake of growing numbers of positive corona cases in that: –

  1. Prevention of possible transmission is greatly reduced since there’s a complete barrier between the provider and the patient.
  2. More samples can be collected as with the elimination of donning and doffing other PPE, the provider has more time to attend more patients.
  3. PPEs can be saved and/or used in other areas that may be in dire need of them.
  4. Saving on PPE translates into saving money. Inadequate resources equal higher demand and higher prices. With the booth, since no extra PPE need be donned, you make savings.
  5. The big pot holes and gloves allow for a provider to easily slide into them and collect a specimen with ease as well as clean and disinfect the outer side after collecting a specimen.

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